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      Hi! We are so glad you're here! Really Big Posters specializes in super-sized fun for everyone.

      We want to help you create special memories. We believe in art, good design, and simple materials, and we believe these things should be accessible to all.

      The Really Big Posters Team

      We are a woman-owned, family-operated business located just outside Chicago in Highland Park, Illinois. Our families have lived in Chicago, and now Chicagoland, since we came to this country just two generations ago.

      We know that a beautiful environment grows beautiful children, and so we are inspired to create simple, affordable pieces of art that everyone can enjoy.

      Lori Oster

      An English professor by day and an artist by night, Lori is the owner of Luftmensch Designs, a company that produces artful printables for young children. As a mom to two little ones, Lori understands how hard it is to strike a balance between work and home, and she's driven to create things that help her fellow grown-ups bring joy to their children's lives. Lori designs all of the items you see here at Really Big Posters. You can reach Lori at Lori@reallybigposters.com.

      Howie Oster

      A Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist by day and Lori's husband around the clock, Howie manages the logistics and operational side of Really Big Posters.

      Lori and Howie personally print and package every single poster in-house, and they test every single item for colorability and fun before it gets added to the Really Big Posters catalog.